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Health Smart Windows®


Health Smart Windows®

Protect your family and your home against window condensation by choosing Health Smart Windows® made with Super Spacer® high performance glass.

Keep moisture off the glass with the warmest inside surface temperatures possible. The primary window condensation culprit is the insulating glass spacer. Traditional metal spacers can conduct heat and cold—causing condensation at the edge of the glass.

That’s why we use Super Spacer®, an insulating foam spacer which helps reduce condensation and allows for comfortable household humidity levels. That's the Health Smart Windows® advantage.

Protect your most precious possessions -
choose Health Smart Windows for your home and family.


Team Extreme takes pride in saying our windows are ENERGY STAR® qualified. 

The international ENERGY STAR® symbol is a simple way for consumers to identify products that are among the most energy-efficient on the market...more info.

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Health Smart Windows®

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Health Smart Windows®




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